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    Per Rev. Proc. 94-22, the IRS established a letter forwarding program to help plan administrators contact missing plan participants.  In the Spring/Summer 2002 Edition of their Employee Plans Newsletter, they published an article Can't Find a Beneficiary on page 11 & 12 which indicates how IRS can assist a PA in finding missing participants.  This article is located at the link below:

    Under this program:

    1.  The requestor will submit a written request. They need to include the letter for forwarding with the SSN and the most recent address of the employee that they are looking to contact. They would also include the name and address of whom the IRS would send an acknowledgement letter to.

    2.  If the employee is located the letter will be forwarded. It is entirely up to the recipient to respond.

    3.  The Service cannot provide the results of its efforts and will have no involvement in the matter aside from forwarding.

    Requests involving 49 or fewer employee's need to go through an IRS Disclosure Office. The office locations are listed on the IRS website.,,id=123736,00.html.  This is a free Service.

    For requests involving 50 or more employee's will be processed under Project 753, Computerized Mail out Program. This program takes 90 days before mail out and there is a fee for this service. Requests would be sent to IRS Director, Office of Disclosure, CP:EXD:D-Room 1603, 1111 Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC 202244.,,id=110142,00..html.  This service does require a nominal fee.

    The link to go directly to the complete program instructions is:,,id=110106,00.html

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